Hot Minute

GUYYYSSS! It has been so long since I have touched the keyboard. I took a slight hiatus from just about everything and gave my mind and soul a little vaca. So much has changed. FOR THE GOOD—the absolute best actually.  When I began this blog I was fresh out of a job that I poured … Continue reading Hot Minute

a mothers message on breast cancer

Cancer. The word no one wants to hear. Especially to hear that you or someone you love has it. My Mom battled kidney cancer last year. She had a giant mass growing on her kidney in which was surgically removed successfully with no more cancer results to follow. She healed beautifully and took on a … Continue reading a mothers message on breast cancer

10 things

10 things you probably didn’t know about me….. 1. I loathe the idea of having a TV in your bedroom. It makes me cringe. 2. I have suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder since 2nd grade. Heavily bullied for being thin. 3. My favorite food are potato’s in any way, shape or form. 4. I don’t … Continue reading 10 things


The top 5 quotes I go back to every time….. (photo credit-Pinterest) So if you haven’t already figured this out via my social media accounts (@lifeandmotherhood31) I am a quote junkie. I love quotes. They soothe me, speak to me, and are sensible. I could go on and on. They are my thing. Although I … Continue reading pep-talk

“Looks like it hurts”

For future reference: A list of things NOT to say to a pregnant Woman (Photo creds-Pinterest) SO! Ladies, haha! We have all been there. 9 months pregnant, huge, hot, in pain, hormonal AF and ready to not be pregnant anymore. At this point we are ready to tattoo the due date, name and gender (or if … Continue reading “Looks like it hurts”

no more guilt

Beginning this post, I had overwhelming writers block. I couldn’t think of a way to begin it, I had TOO MANY words & emotions running through my mind. I would write some, then delete it all. Write some, delete it all. Over and over. How do I begin to write about a subject that caused … Continue reading no more guilt


    Hello all you beautiful humans!    First off, TGIF! Bringing you my very first #favfriday pick of the week is so exciting for me!     This week is my boy Chip Gaines book, “Capital Gaines”. You may know him and his fabulous wife, Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s series Fixer Upper. #imobsessed “Capital … Continue reading #FavFriday

get rid of it

The actionable way to de-clutter your home and love it again! I have had soooo many woman email me and message me asking, “Please help me get the clutter under control!” “How am I supposed to function when toys are literally everywhere?!” “Desiree, how the hell do you just get rid of stuff? How is … Continue reading get rid of it

simmer down now

Being a single parent, there are no short cuts. The laundry doesn’t wash and fold itself, the house doesn’t clean itself and the lawn doesn’t mow itself. etc.etc.etc. YOU do it all. And most of the time, you’re doing all of this after or before working 8, 9, 10+ hours. -completely exhausting helloooo- You’d rather … Continue reading simmer down now

mushy moment

  Almost every time I go to my moms we walk around the perimeter of her house and check out all her flower gardens -She has so many- We check the wild blackberry bushes and the rapidly growing mint. The smells are so potent, so heavenly. If we did this everyday it would never get … Continue reading mushy moment

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