get rid of it

The actionable way to de-clutter your home and love it again!

I have had soooo many woman email me and message me asking, “Please help me get the clutter under control!” “How am I supposed to function when toys are literally everywhere?!” “Desiree, how the hell do you just get rid of stuff? How is it so easy?”

Well my little beauties, it’s easy! All of this is easy! The key is to STOP thinking and START doing!

Get rid of shit. Haven’t touched it in 2 months? Get rid of it! Same pile of toys sitting in your living room corner that your kids have totally neglected? PERFECT! Get. Rid. Of. Them.

The key to not having to pick so much stuff up is simply not having so much stuff. It’s not thinking so hard. It’s LETTING GOOOOO. #channelyourinnerfrozen#letitgo❄

Peace OUT old, forgotten, shitty energy-filled clutter ✌🏻

HELLLLO nice, clean, OPEN SPACE. #justlikethat

Go through your house, open the curtains, open all your windows—get some fresh air—get some fresh energy flowing— brew a pot of coffee, open a bottle of Rose’— blast some gangster rap— *whatever gets your motor running*

Let’s get this shit done! (All I can think about is Jane Fonda in her leotard bouncing around, getting all pumped up) YO and if that’s what it takes, BY ALL MEANS 🤸🏼‍♀️ #leotarditup

If your going to say to me, “But Desiree, I paid so much money for these toys and this stuff.” YEAH welcome to the club hunny. We all have! Set yourself up a kickass yard sale and SELL them. Make some money, tuck it away and go on a super fabulous day trip or mini vacation with the profits. Your going to need it anyways after tackling this de-clutter challenge. AND you friggin deserve it, non the less.

So here is step one to a #minivaca & #nomoreclutter —AND GO! 💪🏻💪🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

“A week from now your wish you started TODAY.”

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