a mothers message on breast cancer


The word no one wants to hear.

Especially to hear that you or someone you love has it.

My Mom battled kidney cancer last year. She had a giant mass growing on her kidney in which was surgically removed successfully with no more cancer results to follow. She healed beautifully and took on a whole new outlook on life.

Present day: My Mom has stage 2 breast cancer and will be receiving a double Mastectomy.

During a self examination at home she had found a lump in her breast and took immediate action….Scared she thought, “This cant be real”.

Here is her message:

“I want to tell people about something that is very important and I feel it is put to the side way too much. It is called the monthly self Breast exam. Yeah giggle, roll your eyes, thinking “I get my mammogram every year that is enough.” Well I am here to tell you that you and only you, are your first line of defense against Breast Cancer. On June 3rd 2018 I was being a good girl and did my monthly breast exam. Everything is going along fine until my eyes widen and I freeze, there it is, a lump-that was not there last month. Large enough to make me call my family practitioner and get an appointment. She fit me right in the next day and after doing some checking she says “We are not waiting!” They get on the phone and call the Oncologist and makes an appointment for Friday to get an early mammogram. Friday morning I trot my butt to the Oncologist for that uncomfortable test that we women hate, figuring they will call me next week to let me know what’s up. That afternoon I get a phone call hearing the words “Donna can you come in Monday for a biopsy we found not one, but two abnormalities”. By then I am thinking I just got over kidney cancer there is no way I am being hit again in less than a year. Four days after my biopsy, the phone rings again and I get those words “Donna we need you to come in you have breast cancer”. I have Stage II Breast Cancer and will be having surgery August 16th of this year. No I don’t want the looks nor do I want the “I am so sorry”. What I want is for you ladies to understand the importance of breast self exams, and to the men that love your ladies, make sure she sticks with it. Because I do my exam every month, I caught early what could have been a disaster. It only takes 10 minutes tops and is very simple to do. If you don’t know how watch a video, ask your doctor, friend, family member, heck google it, because that little bit of time could make a huge difference. I wasn’t due for a mammogram until October so think how much more damage would have been done had I not taken the time to do a breast self exam. Think about it, are you willing to wait a year? Cancer is nasty but I tell you what Stage II is a heck of a lot better than Stage 4 and that possibly could have been me if I didn’t take the time to just check. 
Love to you all”

I am so proud of my Mom for taking her diagnosis and using it as a tool to spread the word of self breast examinations and the importance of them. Instead of laying down and letting cancer win, shes standing up. Wasting no time to take back her life and be the fighter she has always been to kick cancers ass!

Her surgery is August 16th, follow ups will be on the blog!

Prayers, good vibes, well wishes and lots of hope is appreciated during this fight. #cancersucks

In the meantime:


-I love you Momma

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