The top 5 quotes I go back to every time….. (photo credit-Pinterest) So if you haven’t already figured this out via my social media accounts (@lifeandmotherhood31) I am a quote junkie. I love quotes. They soothe me, speak to me, and are sensible. I could go on and on. They are my thing. Although I … Continue reading pep-talk

mushy moment

  Almost every time I go to my moms we walk around the perimeter of her house and check out all her flower gardens -She has so many- We check the wild blackberry bushes and the rapidly growing mint. The smells are so potent, so heavenly. If we did this everyday it would never get … Continue reading mushy moment

back to your roots

So you’re probably asking yourself how that quote has anything to do with fun summer bucket lists. It actually has a lot to do with this one. Before we jump right into it I want to explain what inspired me to create it Before we ever became what we are now-mothers, wives, girlfriends, bosses, students, … Continue reading back to your roots

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